SoulMoFunk Band's Funked performance Wows Franklins Gardens Northampton Saints Crowd

Wow... what a SPECTACULAR NIGHT of fund raising good will and warmth of support was had at The Glitter Ball.

A spectacular Glitter Ball Event to RAISE DESPERATELY NEEDED FUNDS for children's charities, hosted by three very dedicated, hard working young ladies - Kellie Griffin, Aishling Lawlor & Kaisha Morris... HATS OFF TO YOU LADIES!!!

This high profile, glitzy social event and charity fundraiser held on Saturday 12th of September, was staged at the impressive Franklins Gardens, Northampton Saints Rugby, in the lavishly decked out Rodber Suite and saw the stylish and beautiful people of Northampton, dressed in their finest and READY TO PARTY!


The day for band began early. On site at midday, lugging mountains of kit, our large, gutsy PA, full 32 channel studio mixing desk, in fact the full ensemble.

Our front line consisted of a 5 person front vocal line-up featuring the impressive harmonies and lead vocals of the 'Honeyz', SoulMoFunk's new female vocal section of stunning looking ladies, performing alongside Martin our lead male vocalist and guitarist.


'The Honeyz' female vocal line up from SoulMo Funk Band

The day was long, but just so rewarding, as we were all up for a great night, and we wasn't disappointed!


With sound checks and light programming done finally by 5pm, the back line band boys slid off for a little peace and quiet and R&R.


By the time the full band ensemble arrived back at Franklins Gardens, the event organisers had the glitzy event in full swing. There had been a soloist guitarist and DJ playing background music whilst the party goers tucked in to a mouth watering menu.

As for SoulMoFunk Band, they were parked up in the event 'Green Room' to relax a while before being invited in to a separated dining area for the band's dinner.  Following the dinner being served, this polished event organisation got down to the serious business of Fund Raising' with an incredible AUCTION of donated gifts and items.  The auction was really competitive and it was incredible to witness some of the final bid values, a testament to the audience in attendance.

After all, at these types of events, it is one sector of the community looking out for the other sector, those in need and it certainly is humbling.  It is this experience of giving , if you can that drives these events, for a charitable cause and none more worthy than in particular, The Gossett Chidrens Ward at Northampton General Hospital.

The Gosset Ward looks after some extremely poorly babies born, too small, too soon, too sick.  Each year they rely heavily on charitable  donations to buy specialist equipment. The most seriously unwell babies require intensive care, the provision of which requires not only a team of dedicated medical and nursing staff, but also a wide range of high-specification equipment.

Let's help fight for little Joey's corner!


Little Joey... needs a donor, could it be you or someone you know?

Here's a Facebook post link, PLEASE HELP: Facebook link post

The organisers are still collecting money in, and donations are still being watch this space.  We don't know the exact figure, but we know  that it's a fantastic amount.  Please, don't forget little Joey. He NEEDS  OUR HELP, please, share his story, order your spit kit, it takes 2 minutes, and you could be  his match, or someone else's. Don't forget him, do it NOW!

As a band or musician, it is not like we build anything, create a life saving machine or even deliver a service to the poor, the infirm or needy, but we can try with great organisations AND INDIVIDUALS, lift peoples hearts, entertain and bring out a smile and show our appreciation.

So by the time the SoulMoFunk 'Fascination' Band, the name we performed under that evening took to the stage, everyone was raring to go and just wanted to dance.

SoulMoFunk Fascination Band hit the audience with our set list starting with Randy Crawford's 'Street Life' followed by the storming dance floor hit that is, 'That's The Way' by KC and The Sunshine Band from the late seventies.


The audience got on their feet for the whole of the bands first set and really didn't sit back down for approximately 45 minutes.  

The band then took a short break and the DJ smashed it with an equally lively set.  By the time SoulMoFunk hit the revellers with 'Proud Mary' the Tina Turner rendition, the crowd went wild and didn't know what had hit them.  The band followed up with 'Celebrate' by Kool & The Gang and 'Back To My Roots' by Odyssey, the crowd went wild.


All told the band played 2 x 1 hours sets to an eager, very appreciative, very large crowd of very giving individuals.  

All that needs to conveyed to those individuals that sacrificed their Saturday evening and dug deep in to their pockets, who showed extremely good manners and sense of dress, to all the ladies (who all looked damn good!), the gentlemen who looked equally stunning and dashing according 'The Honeyz' the bands four girl front vocal line up, that on behalf of the event organisers, the venue staff, all the sound and lighting boys, AV technicians, Casino staff and all the boyz and girlz in the band, is to say THANK YOU, you were the performers, you were the stars that shone on that very special and memorable evening, just THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!