Tasty New BASSMAN joins Northamptonshire's Leading Soul Funk Band

Funky Boy joins the area's leading all LIVE Soul, Motown and Disco Funk Band. 

As the SoulMoFunk Band evolves and develops, fine tuning its sets, creating new shows, there is occasionally a need for line up additions.

To meet the rigourous demands of relentless LIVE shows and gigs.  SoulMoFunk are delighted to announce a strengthening of their backline musicians, with a NEW BASSMAN to bolster the backline with a more punchy, funky bass and drum combination.

Let's introduce you to the NEW TROOPER!

Lou Short joins the SoulMoFunk team of musicians as 'BASSMAN' 

SMF Bassman 19 - Lou Short 1.JPG  

This is a key role for the heart and soul of the band and in Lou, the band has found a real professional bassman.  Lou has toured and gigged for many years with some leading bands, playing theatre tours and all the usual leading live music venues.  The band is really happy to have Lou onboard The FUNKBUS!

SMF Bassman 19 - Lou Short 4.JPG

 We want to welcome Lou to the band and wish him the absolute BEST OF LUCK at his first public LIVE performance gig at Harrowden Hall in Northamptonshire, for the Sonifex 50th Anniversary Party on the 30th March 2019.

Further new line up band members... to be announced shortly.